The Philosophy of Blockchain and IQ

The core philosophy of blockchain can be summarized as ‘decentralization’, ‘contribution and compensation’, and ‘verification’. It is open to everyone, able to participate in the ecosystem we formed, and managed together by all participants through contributions and rewards. There are already many IQ testing and certification services, but most of them are run by individuals of operators or companies. This raises questions about the mutual verification and reliability of the IQ. This is a very big problem, especially in IQ measurements. Because IQ is based on statistical estimates. IQ Olympiad will introduce blockchain technology to construct a transparent operating environment through participation and verification of participants in intelligence index measurements, while structurally defending the possibility of forgery and data hacking.

Why use blockchain?

Transactions to rewards are recorded and preserved in the blockchain, allowing any participant to be transparently and safely protected from the rewards they receive. Transparent transactions can be guaranteed because anyone can look up records of the delivery and use of tokens at any time.

Content registered by test creators is recorded in a store on the blockchain to verify forgery of creations, enabling protection of creations and transparent history management of creators’ creative activities. Since copyright protection of creators’ creations is possible, creative activities on IQO platforms can be activated, and trust between users is maintained.

Compensation algorithms are recorded and executed autonomously in digital contracts so that they can be designed and executed based on the decentralized philosophy of blockchain. The ecosystem of IQO platforms is operated by algorithms recorded in the digital contract, and can be modified by agreement of ecosystem participants if the existing digital contract needs to be modified for future ecosystem development.