AI Is Going to Win Against Human Intelligence, Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman Says

Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel laureate famous for his research on how cognitive biases lead us to make irrational decisions, has stated that humans stand no chance against artificial intelligence (AI). The 87-year-old Israeli-born psychologist said he believes AI will lead to a massive disruption because the technology is developing very rapidly for people to adjust to. Asked what he felt about the dangers of using AI to augment human judgement, he said that there will be massive consequences of that, and some of that change is already happening. How they are going to adjust to this change is “a fascinating problem,” he added.

The Nobel laureate also said that some medical specialties face the danger of being replaced by AI. He added that it would be a frightening scenario when AI is able to demonstrate that it has a better judgement than the leadership of an organisation or institution.

“Some medical specialties are clearly in danger of being replaced, certainly in terms of diagnosis. And there are rather frightening scenarios when you’re talking about leadership. Once it’s demonstrably true that you can have an AI that has far better business judgment, say, what will that do to human leadership?” Kahneman told during an interview with The Guardian.



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